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From the Gagana Blog

What language is most similar to Samoan?

As a Samoan speaker, I can tell you that of all the languages I have heard, the one that is most similar to Gagana Samoa is the language of Tokelau. As in, I can listen to Radio Tokelau and understand around 90% or more of what they’re saying. As in, aside from a few swapped out letters (e.g. s for

Talofa Friends

It’s Lilieni here, just checking in to let you know what’s happening with this website. A lot! But mostly, we’re revising our old posts to make them more useful and we’re re-building the whole site so it flows in a way that makes more sense. So… Gagana Samoa is currently under heavy reconstruction and I’m an extremely unprofessional web designer/blogger

More Useful Samoan Phrases for When You’re Beginning to Learn Samoan

Probably the best way to learn a new language is to get right in there from the start and use your new language with people who already know it. Because Samoan is our heritage language (i.e. the language of our parents and ancestors), it’s very likely that we’ll know at least one native Samoan speaker… but it’s also very likely

Five things you probably didn’t know about the Samoan Alphabet

How much do you know about the Samoan alphabet? My New Zealand-born friend once challenged her many siblings to recite the Samoan alphabet, and even though they’re Samoan, even though they grew up with Samoan speaking parents, even though they understand our language pretty well and can speak it casually, most of them struggled to string our alphabet together. A